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About Us

Great Shoe Exports is one of the leading footwear manufacturing and exporters established in 1997 dedicatedly working for major Customers and Brands.

Our company is government recognized and Export house engaged in manufacturing of Quality Footwear .

Our Company is fully mechanized unit with latest technology as per modern trends market .

Our Company is producing quality footwear for Ladies , Men’s and Children’s Footwear under Reach European Regulation and as per Customer standard and requirements .

Our production is controlled with Hi-tech designers and high quality production team to achieve quality and ensure delivery well in required time.

Our production capacity is about 800-1000 pairs per day and as per orders.

Our Vision is to develop Great as well as managed company and we registered ISO-8000 standards.

Our production team is highly qualified.

We have two fully mechanized lasting line , one for Children’s and one for Ladies / Men’s.

We have three closing conveyors feeding the lasting department regularly.

Shipment time required 80-90 days after confirmation of samples .